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Light: LOP

Light: The Language Of Photography

Light: The Language of Photography

Light - our harshest mistress, our greatest asset.

A photographer must control her, or she will control him.

The correct light can create a masterpiece - poor lighting can produce mediocrity.

This project is an exploration of light. Technically, artistically, and emotionally.

This project uses light to create moods, raise questions, explore concepts that the human eye does not normally see and maybe even make us smile along the way.

Slow speeds, high speeds, unconventional lighting techniques and sources, familiar views seen in unusual ways.

A physical exhibition of the twelve of these images from this project is available, but this is it here, in its entirety of 20 images.

The images are displayed in the same manner as they are exhibited in real life. 11 “Contact” images, with the larger, selected image just after it.

The important thing to realise here, is all the images are pretty much “Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC). Nothing fancy, no “clever” post processing. A few had “textures” added, but 99% of the images are SOOC, with nothing more than levels adjusted.